One-to-One English Lessons in London

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Teaching Methods / Lesson Content

Teaching methods are eclectic. The aim is to give you what you want, and what you need.
Apart from the latest course books, I have a large bank of my own materials, and also create new materials to suit your needs.
All language skills are practised, with the emphasis on giving you the CONFIDENCE to use those skills, especially in SPEAKING and UNDERSTANDING. Perhaps you're planning a holiday in Australia, or a business trip to England. Or you just want to understand more of your favourite songs/films/TV series in English! I can help you.
Grammar is, of course, very important too. If you want to know how to use 'a' and 'the' correctly, or if you don't know the difference between 'she's been to the bank' and 'she's gone to the bank' or why we say' I'm looking forward to seeING you' I can help you.
And, of course, pronunciation is crucial. If the other person can't understand what you say, your 900 plus TOEIC score isn't much use. If you have problems saying 'right' and 'light'. or it's difficult for you to say 'absolutely delicious' or 'ecstasy'.....I can help you.
And if you're a University student who has to write essays, or a business person with reports to write, or you just want to E-mail your Italian boyfriend in English......I can help you.
There is homework, of course, about an hour a week. and you can E-mail me with any language problems you encounter between lessons. You can also borrow graded reading books from my library and I'll advise you on the best ways for you to improve your English on your own.
I have used songs, cognitive grammar exercises, poems, role plays, cuisinaire rods, Jazz chants - whatever works for you!!

And if you want to sing in English, as a teacher and musician......I can help you!


Student Profile

In one-to-one teaching the teacher/student relationship is crucial, They must CONNECT so there is mutual trust and respect, I'm looking for people who are MOTIVATED. who really want to learn. People who have a good sense of HUMOUR. And people who are CREATIVE in some way- in their work or personal lives.
My present students fulfill these criteria and, I hope, are making really good progress. (see student comments)
Age range tends to be late twenties upwards. From false-beginner* to advanced. * means your level may be low but you studied some English at school.

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